Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Tasmanian Roadtrip - Part 2

When you last left us we had just finished our first day in the southern state, Tasmania and were heading off to Cataract Gorge. Cataract Gorge is magnificent and there is no other way to emphasise this fact than by taking the chairlift. About 10 metres above tumbling, turning, bubbling rapids, swinging in a loose chair. It is the perfect place to clear your head and think. When we reached the top we took a walk to enjoy the beauty of the reserve. Bright blooms boasted from every corner. Green leafy pathways and 3 magnificent peacocks strutting around the place.
Morgan took a tumble in a muddy puddle as we walked and a little while later we went back to the car. It was like stepping out of a bubble. Fantastic. Breath-taking. Cataract Gorge - 10/10

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